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" POLE is outstanding at Salesforce and has such a good grasp not only of the technology, but also how to work in the best way. There was nothing they couldn't answer, which made us very confident in the implementation and expansion of the tools we wanted to build in Salesforce. "

Robin Alsalman

Head of Product, Clas Fixare
Service Cloud
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" POLE have been very competent in meeting our business needs. We would have not achieved these results without their competence, high engagement and humbleness.‍ I will call POLE next time we need help and I am strongly recommending them. "

Maria Kushnir

Director of Internal Tech, Acast
Sales Cloud
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At POLE our team is our most valuable asset. We’re in business to create a productive and enjoyable work environment where top talent deliver high quality solutions that provide value to our customers.
We promote a model where all team members are able to continue specialising in their respective areas of expertise while also collaborating and learning from one another.


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About us


POLE sprung out of our belief that senior specialists will thrive if they are working in a context with other experts. Our ambition is to create a work environment where they can continue excel in their craft and skill, moving away from the traditional consulting pyramid. This fosters creativity and higher quality results, ultimately delivering more comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Our focus on our team is something we also know greatly benefits our customers. We know it's frustrating expecting a team of a certain seniority and skills and end up with a far more junior team than originally presented. When partnering with POLE you always get a team of expert professionals allowing for faster results with low risk and with a tailored and personal experience.

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1.  Faster results

Our team experienced professionals allows us to minimise the time required for the implementation of your CRM system. Enabling you to see quick value and get the most out of your Salesforce investment.

2. Minimise risk

Senior Salesforce Architects and Developers with multiple successful projects behind us. We know the common pitfalls and success factors of projects to minimize the risk of time and budget overrun.

3. Tailored experience

Partnering with POLE allows you to tap into our local team of expert professionals, providing you a tailored and personalised experience to drive your business forward and achieve your goals.

Improved communication

By fostering an open and collaborative culture within our team, we are able to facilitate better communication with our clients. This helps to ensure that projects run smoothly and that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly


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